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  • Lunacy Has It’s Own Merits

    Lunacy Has It’s Own Merits

    On my first day of work after I got back from my sojourn in Scandinavia my boss called me into his office.     “We’re going to have to let you go,” he said, shuffling some papers on his desk, “You’ve missed a lot of work.”     I was stone-faced.  I had a vague [&hellip...

  • Sushi and a Mechanical Bull

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    Sushi and a Mechanical Bull

    Friday night all of us got together to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  We met up at Ziki for happy hour and sushi.  I convinced Jessica to come out with me as my date and we made it there with an hour and a half to spare.  We drank some beer and ordered a few rolls.  I [&hellip...

  • Drinking and Becoming a Poet

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    Drinking and Becoming a Poet

    From Saturday: I went to work today an hour late.  Jen said I could come in later because it was really slow.  This worked out perfectly for me, as I was still hungover from last night’s insanity.  I hadn’t imagined I’d drank as much as I did, but the way I felt this morning was [&hellip...

  • Open Mic Night

    Jun 5, 13 • slider, What's Going On?No Comments
    Open Mic Night

    Last night I played an open mic at a little bar down the street from where I live.  I played with my friend Matt whom I’ve talked about before.  We have been practicing together for some time now, and we’ve been wanting to play out.  We had a little set picked out already, so all [&hellip...

  • Slacking and a Macbook

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    Slacking and a Macbook

    I look back to about a month ago (at least, it seems that way) when I was going to write my review of “The Great Gatsby”.  I never did.  My sister Sundee told me to write it so she would know if it was worth hiring a babysitter for my nephews so she and her [&hellip...

  • “The Great Gatsby” Movie Part One

    May 7, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    “The Great Gatsby” Movie Part One

    I got to see a pre-screening of “The Great Gatsby” last night with my pal Alan “Shep” Shepherd, who is also part of the podcast I’m on — “The Awesome Movie Podcast“.  He gets pre-screening tickets all the time.  Last week when we were doing our episode on “Poltergeist” he mentioned he had tickets for [&hellip...

  • Doing Work

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    Doing Work

    Man things have been busy.  I’ve got this new gig bartending at a restaurant in Crofton called “The Blue Dolphin.” Some of you guys may have heard about it, or maybe have even been there. I stopped full time bartending over a year ago.  I made good money but I didn’t like where I was [&hellip...

  • Books and Life

    Feb 23, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    Books and Life

    A month ago I picked up a few books from Barnes & Noble. I was browsing the bargain section. I found a book about discipline (“No Excuses” by Brian Tracy), the famed “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon hill (I’ve wanted to read it for a while but it was never on sale), and finally [&hellip...

  • Writing on Vacation

    Jan 2, 13 • What's Going On?1 Comment
    Writing on Vacation

    I just returned from a week in NY State with my family. My mom lives in Ballston Spa. My sister and her family were coming from Buffalo. We celebrated Christmas and New Year’s together. I booked my flight a month or so ago. I had big plans to work on my writing, as having all [&hellip...

  • The Point of This Thing

    Dec 17, 12 • What's Going On?No Comments
    The Point of This Thing

    I’ve been writing my whole life. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted to be is a writer. Writing is what validates my existence. Pretty much everything I’ve ever done, or gone through, has been worthy because they are things to write about. If I couldn’t write, there would be no point in being here [&hellip...


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