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  • A Few Things

    Jan 26, 15 • What's Going On?No Comments
    A Few Things

    I’m settling in to our new place in Olympia. Today was beautiful. There was no rain, the weather was pretty mild, and Mt. Rainer made quite an appearance. I have a great view of it from my dining room and couch. I really wish I could share a picture of what it is like, but [&hellip...

  • Sushi and a Mechanical Bull

    Jul 1, 13 • slider, What's Going On?No Comments
    Sushi and a Mechanical Bull

    Friday night all of us got together to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  We met up at Ziki for happy hour and sushi.  I convinced Jessica to come out with me as my date and we made it there with an hour and a half to spare.  We drank some beer and ordered a few rolls.  I [&hellip...

  • Drinking and Becoming a Poet

    Jun 19, 13 • slider, What's Going On?No Comments
    Drinking and Becoming a Poet

    From Saturday: I went to work today an hour late.  Jen said I could come in later because it was really slow.  This worked out perfectly for me, as I was still hungover from last night’s insanity.  I hadn’t imagined I’d drank as much as I did, but the way I felt this morning was [&hellip...

  • Open Mic Night

    Jun 5, 13 • slider, What's Going On?No Comments
    Open Mic Night

    Last night I played an open mic at a little bar down the street from where I live.  I played with my friend Matt whom I’ve talked about before.  We have been practicing together for some time now, and we’ve been wanting to play out.  We had a little set picked out already, so all [&hellip...

  • Slacking and a Macbook

    Jun 2, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    Slacking and a Macbook

    I look back to about a month ago (at least, it seems that way) when I was going to write my review of “The Great Gatsby”.  I never did.  My sister Sundee told me to write it so she would know if it was worth hiring a babysitter for my nephews so she and her [&hellip...

  • “The Great Gatsby” Movie Part One

    May 7, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    “The Great Gatsby” Movie Part One

    I got to see a pre-screening of “The Great Gatsby” last night with my pal Alan “Shep” Shepherd, who is also part of the podcast I’m on — “The Awesome Movie Podcast“.  He gets pre-screening tickets all the time.  Last week when we were doing our episode on “Poltergeist” he mentioned he had tickets for [&hellip...

  • Doing Work

    Apr 1, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    Doing Work

    Man things have been busy.  I’ve got this new gig bartending at a restaurant in Crofton called “The Blue Dolphin.” Some of you guys may have heard about it, or maybe have even been there. I stopped full time bartending over a year ago.  I made good money but I didn’t like where I was [&hellip...

  • Books and Life

    Feb 23, 13 • What's Going On?No Comments
    Books and Life

    A month ago I picked up a few books from Barnes & Noble. I was browsing the bargain section. I found a book about discipline (“No Excuses” by Brian Tracy), the famed “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon hill (I’ve wanted to read it for a while but it was never on sale), and finally [&hellip...

  • Writing on Vacation

    Jan 2, 13 • What's Going On?1 Comment
    Writing on Vacation

    I just returned from a week in NY State with my family. My mom lives in Ballston Spa. My sister and her family were coming from Buffalo. We celebrated Christmas and New Year’s together. I booked my flight a month or so ago. I had big plans to work on my writing, as having all [&hellip...

  • The Point of This Thing

    Dec 17, 12 • What's Going On?No Comments
    The Point of This Thing

    I’ve been writing my whole life. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted to be is a writer. Writing is what validates my existence. Pretty much everything I’ve ever done, or gone through, has been worthy because they are things to write about. If I couldn’t write, there would be no point in being here [&hellip...


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